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About us

Life's ups & downs? We feel you.

We deal with busy-ness, paralysis of choice & all the crazy ups and downs that life throws our way.

We know how easy it is to become lost and confused. To become numb, to be so fed up that eventually; you just stop giving a shit. But we also know how badass it can be to overcome the bullshit, to get your shit together and start giving a shit!

That’s why we’re here: to bring you simple ways to shake up the status quo, give a shit, find out what really matters to you & have fun doing it. I Give A Shit Project is a social enterprise, which means we are an organization committed to improving the wellbeing of our planet and all it’s inhabitants. We provide a service that empowers you to find out what you really give a shit about so you can do more of it. Starting with our 4 week mindfulness challenge, we provide members of our community with practical and simple tools to help them feel better, do more dope shit and live longer.

We believe that when we are all doing the shit that actually matters most to us as individuals, our collective impact can really change the world!
When we are mindful, when we are grateful and when we give a shit, our potential is limitless.

Hold on tight because shit is about to get real.

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Where’s your time going?

Spend it doing badass shit with us.

We’re here to help you spend more time thinking about shit that matters & less about the shit that doesn’t. Together, let’s give a shit about ourselves, the environment & the world around us.

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Got a Spare 5 Mins?

Plot twist: We all do.

We spend an average of 1.7 hours on Facebook every day and it is estimated that we check the site about 14 times each day.

Why don’t we start spending some time on other cool shit instead?

Starting with just 5 minutes a day, learn how to use effective tools to easily pimp your life by becoming more mindful.

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Why bother?

What's in it for you.

A stronger, clearer and sharper mind, good health and increased energy. Feel better, do more dope shit and live longer. And that’s just the beginning! Giving a shit and being more mindful makes everything better because you find out what really matters to you. When you find that shit out, you can do more of it!

But it’s not just about you. When you give a shit about yourself, you inevitably do awesome things in the world. The activities in this challenge also happen to have huge benefits for the environment and the other inhabitants of our planet.

As an added bonus, we donate 50% of every dollar we receive to 3 awesome causes. That means while you’re signing up to use our resources to get your shit together, you’ll also be raising money for 3 badass charities:


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What’s it worth to you?

Can you put your money where your mouth is?

We’re asking you to pitch in to give a shit about yourself. Take part in our 4 week I Give A Shit Mindfulness Challenge and access simple and effective tools that will help you find out what shit matters most to you. We kick-start your epic journey with some tried and proven practices that will get your shit in order. We also want this gift to keep on giving, so we are donating 50% of every dollar we receive to 3 badass charities.

Reckon you can afford taking a week off the booze to help yourself & these guys?
From every $30 signup:

$15 bucks goes to these badass charities:
charities& $15 goes toward keeping the movement growing!


Stay tuned for our launch!

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